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AI-Powered Resume Analysis

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Create compelling resumes and cover letters that perfectly align with each career opportunity.

What you get

AI Resume Analyzer

Get insights into the weaknesses of your resume through visual charts and bullet points

Export in Multiple Formats

Generate ATS-compatible resumes with our intuitive editors, and export them in PDF, HTML, and Docs formats

Keyword Suggestions

Get noticed by recruiters with suggested relevant keywords based on your job title and experience

Job Specific Cover Letters

Tailor your applications for different positions. Generate cover letters with AI that fit your experience with the job

AI Job Matcher

Check how you match against a specific job posting and its potential candidates. Personalized suggestions tailored to your profile

Community Support

Access to our community where people share resources and experiences of landing interviews and receiving positive feedback from employers

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What benefits do I get by purchasing the early bird offer?

You will have the opportunity to use ProResumeAI at a 50% discounted price before the official launch. You'll gain first-hand experience and enjoy exclusive perks not available to regular customers.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about the early bird purchase?

Yes, we do 100% refunds. If you change your mind, please contact our customer support team for a refund.

How will I be notified when the app launches?

We will send an email to all early bird subscribers, with instructions on how to access and redeem their benefits.

When will the app be released?

We are working diligently to finalize the development and provide you with the best possible user experience. We anticipate releasing the MVP in 3-4 weeks time. Stay tuned for updates!

Are there any additional charges for using premium features?

No, you can access every feature in the product suite when you are a premium/early bird subscriber.